Improving Rapport with Rapportive

We’ve been using Gmail and Google Apps even longer than we’ve been using Salesforce. At least 6 years. Over that time Gmail has matured dramatically and become the communications nerve center for millions of companies around the world.

Back in 2010, an application for Gmail called Rapportive burst onto the scene. Rapportive brought an amazingly useful and intuitive tool to Gmail users, allowing them to connect more closely and quickly with people they correspond with in Gmail. I personally started using Rapportive a few months after its launch and it inspired us to launch Cirrus Insight.

Early on in the ideation phase of Cirrus Insight, we had to make a decision. We loved how Rapportive gave people useful information quickly and did it without getting in the way. Frankly, we’d become hooked on Rapportive ourselves. We knew that we wanted Salesforce users to have a similar experience with Cirrus Insight. We made a decision that as Salesforce users, we would choose the CRM over our social networks – and turned off Rapportive in favor of Cirrus Insight.

Since our launch in December, we’ve been humbled by the great feedback we’ve received from our users. But a lot of users quickly said that they missed Rapportive because Cirrus Insight and Rapportive just didn’t get along in the browser. A number of people even said outright that it was a deal-killer for them. And we completely understood – Rapportive is a great app, and we wanted to be able to use it, too.

We heard the feedback, and with the help of the great team at Rapportive, we are finally giving our users the ability to use both Cirrus Insight and Rapportive easily.

If you have Rapportive and Cirrus Insight installed, you’ll now see a “Switch” link in the upper-right corner of Gmail. When you click either “Cirrus Insight” or “Rapportive”, you’ll be able to easily switch between them as much as you want:

With the ability to toggle between Cirrus Insight and Rapportive, you can now have contextual information from Salesforce as well as from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  and more, right alongside your emails in Gmail!


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  • Jon MacDonald

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Kevin Valliere

    wonderful now a hot key … type “+” on keyboard and switches.. would be awesome.. ( yeah im greedy)

  • Cirrus Insight

    @Kevin, another great idea. :)

  • Streakable

    I guess the toggle was the only option? It certainly isn’t ideal. I need both exposed as a reminder that I might need to connect with a person on a social network and/or add them to Salesforce. Any chance this integration will be unified in the near future? Toggle feels like a bandaid.

  • Chris Finlay

    Awesome. Love the updates and care. Thanks for making a great product!

  • Dev Anand

    Definitely the highlight of my week so far!

  • Jake

    OMG I love you guys!

    This takes the cake you guys are great

  • Chris

    Need to also talk with Active Inbox people. The links are almost buried under the top line of menu options. Can’t live without Active Inbox.

    • Brandon Bruce

      @Chris. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Cooper Marcus

    I’d prefer if you showed both Rapportive and Cirrus Insight “stacked” one above the other – or side-by-side – any chance of that? I’ve got plenty of space for either option on my larger monitor.

    • Brandon Bruce

      Hi, Cooper. Thanks for your comment. We’ll have a new UI out in the next week or so which will enable show/hide of a floating Cirrus Insight, thus aiding compatibility with Rapportive and other apps/configurations in Gmail.

  • Dan Berger

    Hi there, I’m a trial user and I don’t see the switch link… help? see attachment

    • Darin Schwarte

      The Cirrus Insight / Rapportive switch only appears when reading email or responding to an email, not when composing a new message. Credit to Dan for discovering this.

  • Andy Turman

    Hey Cirrus,

    How can I activate this toggle? This is a screen shot while reading/responding to a message (as suggested by Darin in this thread).

    Any help would be great!


    • Brandon Bruce

      Hi Andy,

      With the new version of CI, no toggle is necessary. Rapportive is always in view to the left of CI as in your screenshot.

      • Andy Turman

        Got it, thanks! I was hoping for the toggle to avoid having Rapportive, Cirrus, and the Gmail message fighting over the same real estate when the window is not full screen.