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The Power of Salesforce In Your iPhone Inbox

"This is the missing link that I needed for my sales team and customer service. I now not only have better information flowing into Salesforce but a sales team that is so much happier.";"I'm able to get more done in the hour because there is less manual entry. This leads to more deal flow and more deals.";"This app is the last mile. It does an excellent job bringing salesforce into the inbox where most deals happen. It is much more intuitive than the Salesforce1 app!";"This app enables me to have a consistent experience and process whether I am on my Mac, my Chromebook, or my iPhone or iPad. That helps process guys like me sleep better at night and it may help you too. Thanks team!";"I had this pushed on me as an alternative to SF1- I'm pretty sure it has single handedly lowered my blood pressure"

Review by Mary Sisson;Oliver Glenn;Anonymous;Jon Cline;AdorableEwok on the iTunes App Store

Update Salesforce From Anywhere

Track Emails

  • See customer context in the inbox
  • See who opens your emails with real-time notifications
  • Save emails to Salesforce
  • Create new leads, contacts & accounts
  • Set reminders to follow up
  • Schedule meetings and events
  • Log calls to Salesforce
  • Create/update opportunities & cases

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"Bridging the Gap Between Mobile Email and Salesforce"

Sales on the Move

The world of sales is changing. There has recently been a major shift in how sales is conducted. Salespeople now rely heavily on their mobile devices to conduct sales and engage with customers.

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