The Perfect Android App for Salesforce Users

Boost Your Salesforce Adoption and Email Productivity on the Go

Cirrus Insight for Android

No Other Mobile App Comes Close

You should never have to wait to add an email to Salesforce or reply to a customer. With Cirrus Insight, you don’t have to. We integrate Salesforce with your Android device, so you can update and use Salesforce as you work in your mobile inbox.

That means you can save emails to Salesforce, create new leads and contacts, sync Calendar events, update opportunities and cases, book meetings effortlessly, as well as track your emails, and more all from your Android device.

It’s time to stop logging information to Salesforce the hard way. No more having to wait until you’re back at your desk to respond to an email or forgetting to log information to Salesforce. Update Salesforce in the mobile inbox, where you spend most of your day working, with Cirrus Insight for Android.

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