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Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

By Joshua Loomis on May 04, 2016

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Data and analytics is essential for informing decision makers and accelerating your growth. We want to make your data work for you. That’s why we built Cirrus Insight Analytics (CIA).  It’s our very own Central Intelligence Agency for Salesforce.

Cirrus Insight Analytics is the key to connecting your email and calendar data to Salesforce, so you gain actionable intelligence. By tracking your results, your organization will be able to see where it’s winning and where it needs to improve.  Cirrus Insight Analytics enables you to capture the full benefits of Cirrus Insight.

Cirrus Insight Analytics leverages the power of Salesforce reporting and dashboards, you can visualize sales performance in dashboards, and build powerful workflows that elevate your entire sales operation.

For example, you’ll know who is engaging with your emails so that you can target them for follow up and create workflows to alert your team when someone is interested.  You’ll also know who hasn’t opened your emails so you know when to try a different tactic. You’ll even see which templates and campaigns are performing best so your team is always using the best templates and constantly improving how they communicate with prospects and customers.

A New Sync Platform

The new and improved Cirrus Insight Analytics is built on our robust sync platform for entering data into Salesforce.  And it includes a wide range of reports and dashboards that we’ve made to help you track, measure, and visualize your Salesforce and Cirrus Insight usage. We’ll break it all down for you in screenshots.

Cirrus Insight Analytics will enable you to monitor Salesforce adoption and see how Cirrus Insight is increasing Salesforce usage and engagement.  Moreover, the dashboards will enable you visualize and analyze your use of Cirrus Insight power features such as Email Tracking, Email Campaigns, Calendar Sync, and Lead/Contact Capture to discover how to optimize sales productivity and sales performance.

Getting Started with Cirrus Insight Analytics

To use Cirrus Insight Analytics (and data-driven workflows), you’ll first need to install the package into Salesforce from our website.

Second, you’ll need to enable the new Cirrus Insight Analytics Sync services from the Organization Preferences in the Cirrus Insight Dashboard as follows:

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

1. Select Analytics Sync from the CI Dashboard

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

2. Click “Enable Analytics Sync”

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

3. Next click the "Update" button

To make sure everything is set up correctly in Salesforce, we have a handy guide for you to follow. You will be able to find them in the Cirrus Insight Adoption Folder located under the Reports tab in Salesforce. Once enabled, the reports will automatically start receiving data from Cirrus Insight and the dashboards below will start displaying in Salesforce.

Creating Workflows to Take Your Sales Operations to the Next Level

We’ve written several posts explaining how to create workflows in Salesforce to alert your sales reps to high-priority prospects based on engagement metrics like email opens or link clicks.


Cirrus Insight Analytics Dashboards in Salesforce

The following section includes screenshots and descriptions of each of the dashboards built into Cirrus Insight Analytics.  Since each dashboard is built on the powerful and flexible Salesforce platform, you can customize the Dashboards to match your Key Performance Indicators.  You can also customize the reports that feed the dashboards.  For example, you can easily create reports for individuals, teams, departments, divisions, etc.  You can slice data by other data points like geography, industry, etc. – anything that you have in Salesforce.

We have set the default view of all leaderboards to include the top 10 data points (e.g. 10 individual users).  It makes it easier to view and interpret the data. You can easily customize the dashboards for your organization. You can also click in the dashboard to drill-down and see all the available data points.

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

Email Sync Dashboard

The Email Sync Dashboard is your view into how Cirrus Insight is bringing emails into Salesforce. You’ll be able to break down email synced by day, week, or by leaderboard.

The total number of emails synced is then broken down into sent and received emails, so you can better understand where those emails are coming from.

These measurements are great for seeing the impact Cirrus Insight is having on Salesforce adoption.  It can also help you understand usage of Cirrus Insight over time and to identify reps that are leaders and those who may need more training.

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

Calendar Sync Dashboard

The Calendar Sync Dashboard is similar to the Email Sync Dashboard. You’ll see how many calendar events Cirrus Insight has synced by day and week, as well as a leaderboard for your reps.  Sales appointments are a Key Performance Indicator for achieving quota and hitting sales goals in many organizations.  The Calendar Sync Dashboard is an early signal of how sales will trend and why.

You’ll likely be automatically syncing events, so it’s useful to be able to track the usage of calendar sync over time, and you can check on how your reps are doing with scheduling events.

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics
Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

Email Tracking Dashboard

The Email Tracking Dashboard is your one-stop-shop to see everything about the number of emails you’re tracking, recipient open rates, link click through rates, and reply rates.

You’ll be able to see the number of emails tracked by day and week, along with a leaderboard.

You’ll also be able to see the reply and open rates in the same manner. This will help you learn the best time of day and the best days of the week for sending emails.  It will also allow you to check the overall health your emails. You can use this information to measure A/B testing of email templates.

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

Email Template Effectiveness Dashboard

Want to know which templates perform best and which reps are best at customizing or creating them? The Email Template Effectiveness Dashboard is for you.

You’ll be able to dig into the reply and open rates for individual templates, individual reps, and by individuals by template. This gives both an overview of which individual templates and reps are doing well, and an in-depth view of the particular rep/template combos that are performing best (and which ones might need work).

This information is essential for making sure that your templates are effective and your reps are using the best templates.  It will also help you to recognize when a rep is having success by customizing their templates, so that you can coach your team how to achieve the best results.

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

Campaign Tracking Dashboard

The Campaign Tracking Dashboard is similar to the Email Templates Effectiveness Dashboard. You’ll be able to see the open and reply rates for individual campaigns, individual reps, and by individuals by campaign.

Like with templates, you’ll be able to identify high performing campaigns or users, and then examine the specifics of why each campaign was effective or not. Discover your best campaigns or test different options until you find what works best for your organization.

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

Salesforce Adoption with Cirrus Insight

The Salesforce Adoption with Cirrus Insight Dashboard is your way of understanding how much information is being entered into Salesforce via Cirrus Insight.

You’ll see information entered through Cirrus Insight as green and data entered directly into Salesforce as blue. This is useful for tracking overall Salesforce adoption, as well as seeing how Cirrus Insight has directly contributed to Salesforce ROI.

Introducing Cirrus Insight Analytics

Cirrus Insight Leaderboard

The Cirrus Insight Leaderboard takes the Cirrus Insight part of the Salesforce Adoption board and breaks down the specific types of data being entered into Cirrus Insight by rep.

You’ll be able see the current and previous month for emails, tasks, and events while seeing the past 120 days for leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases.

These leaderboards will help you see how your team is entering data over time and how your reps are using specific Cirrus Insight features. If you see a potential problem, you can identify it early and coach to remedy it.  If you notice a success pattern, you can reward leaders and coach the entire team to continue the momentum.

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