Director of Data Science & Analytics

Cirrus Insight’s enterprise customer roadmap is heavily dependent on sales intelligence, and Cirrus operational business intelligence is key to achieving company scale and growth plans.  This role is designed to develop and oversee the Cirrus data science roadmap, data modeling, and visualization UX which will require oversight of the Cirrus operational BI and a focus on customer lifecycle data pipelines and SaaS key metrics.

This role will work closely with the CEO and CTO for operational analytics initiatives, providing guidance to product management, marketing, sales, and support leadership on data pipeline best practices in order to capture, analyze, and optimize the full Cirrus customer lifecycle and experience.  The derived Cirrus SaaS metrics will then be used to optimize the business for growth, pursue funding, and increase our enterprise value.  Key learnings and IP development from operational data gaps will be incorporated into the Cirrus product roadmap. 



  • Meet with our growing base of enterprise customers, internal sales and marketing leaders to help drive the vision for new product capabilities and establish priorities. 

  • Working with Director of Product to create and maintain a product roadmap for Data Science and Analytics

  • Translate product roadmap into behavioral requirements, user stories, and visual mock-ups for the development team to work from

  • Drive overall customer experience, ACV, and ARR by creating value with  sticky capabilities around revenue growth and operational risk.  

  • Drive product development by developing, prioritizing and managing the product backlog with respect to sales and marketing intelligence to ensure we provide our clients with a greater CX 

  • Partner with Sales and Marketing to educate and position new offers to new and existing customers

  • Assist support and product marketing with knowledge-base documentation

Data Science

  • Plan and direct the release of new data science products and features

  • Partner closely with Dev Ops and Engineering to establish commits and timelines aligned to our overall agile product development process

  • Ensure consistent delivery of data science projects which can be effectively communicated to customers well in advance of their release date

  • Develop prototypes and working software for data pipelines and ML models 

  • Provide leadership on data design, system optimization, data science coding/deliverables, and visualization best practices

  • Manage database administrators, data scientists, and data engineers ensuring they are receiving the training and mentoring necessary to succeed

  • Recruit and develop a Data & Analytics organization in order to scale the organization as business needs increase to drive incremental value

Operational Analytics

  • Enable operational analytics for all major functions of the organization for near real-time consumption and fast paced, strategic decision making
  • Create, develop, and govern the data pipeline for key SaaS metrics  including CAC, ARR, ACV, Churn, and CLTV
  • Develop an analytics scorecard used for executive leadership that can be utilized for periodic business reviews
  • Drive marketing and sales efficiencies with a lower CAC by tracking and measuring lead source to opportunity throughput
  • Drive CX and retention by establishing quality and product telemetry via predictive analytics; supporting customer success and lifecycle initiatives
  • Prototype internal sales intelligence capabilities for both internal and potential customer-facing use cases
  • Drive ARR growth through analyzing customer base to predict upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Develop a team and capabilities for business systems, process, intelligence, and analytics.  Core functions include data acquisition, warehousing, and dashboarding supporting both RTB and CTB analytics.


  • 8+ years Business Analyst and Data Science experience
  • 5+ years of experience with business-focused analytics, pre-sales solutioning, sales optimization and maximization analytics, digital media analysis, paid media analytics, multi-touch attribution analysis, or other related statistical modeling experience
  • 5+ years of Management experience
  • 3+ years of experience in for analytics
  • Deep knowledge of and sales operations reporting.  Cross industry expertise preferred.  
  • Excellent technical and analytical skills that will be applied to customer environments and projects as well as internal data mining with the ability to communicate information and ideas in visual, written, and verbal formats.  
  • Deep quantitative analysis and data visualization skills.  Needs to be a clear thinker and communicator of results.