Cirrus Insight 2020 How Do I Create a Salesforce Lead or Contact?

To create a Salesforce contact or Lead for a new person you are interacting with in email, review the Zynbit task pane on the left. The first two recipients are listed with a View All link at the top right to show the cards for all recipients.  Any person who is not in your Salesforce database as a lead or contact will be listed after Salesforce contacts with the title "New Contact?" .

Click the Create Contact or Create Lead link and add the necessary data beginning with the Account. Required fields are starred and identified in red.  Data for the name, email and account are pre-filled if possible.  The account is derived based on the email domain if a match is found in your Salesforce database.

For Contacts, an account must exist in Salesforce.  Enter the Account name and click Search.  If the Account does not currently exist in Salesforce, it should be added with the +Add link.  Once the account exists, the remaining contact fields can be completed as needed.

When you have entered all available data, click the Create button at the bottom.  The new record is immediately available in Salesforce and now you will also see the actions icons in Cirrus Insight as well.