Why doesn't Cirrus Insight keep me logged in when I reopen Outlook?

This article applies to those who are using the OWA Cirrus Insight plugin.

If you have established that you are using the OWA plugin and you are using Outlook desktop to view your email, this article will enable you to stay logged into Cirrus Insight so that when you re-open email, you do not have to log in again.  (OWA calls are made using Internet Explorer settings, regardless of your default browser.)

If the configuration option to "delete browsing history when exit" is enabled, Internet Explorer clears the information about the Cirrus Insight sign-on when email is closed.  To change this, open Internet Explorer, and use the settings gear to open Internet Options.  When the page opens, make sure the highlighted option for Browsing History is NOT checked.  You want the setting to appear as it is in the screenshot below.  Then click Apply and Okay.  You should then stay logged in even if email is opened and closed periodically.