For all permitted uses of our logos, you may not:

  • Alter or modify our logos in any way.
  • Place a logo in such close proximity to other content that it is indistinguishable.
  • Use our logos in a way that is harmful, deceptive, obscene or otherwise objectionable to the average person.
  • Use our logos on websites or other places containing content associated with hate speech, pornography, or illegal activities.
  • Use our logos in a way that suggests any type of association or partnership with Cirrus Insight or approval, sponsorship or endorsement by Cirrus Insight unless otherwise allowed by us.
  • Use our logos to, or in connection with, content that disparages us or sullies our reputation in any way.

Standard Logo

This is our standard logo to be use in most cases.

When in doubt, go with this one.

Standalone Logo

This logo may only be used when Cirrus Insight is clearly visible or has been well established elsewhere on the page or in the design.

If you’re unsure, use the standard logo above.

Stacked Logo

When the standard logo is too wide but you need more than just the standalone.