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Available for Gmail, Outlook, iOS & Android

Salesforce Integration

With Email Sync, you can eliminate data entry and always have the emails you need in Salesforce. Cirrus Insight syncs your emails automatically from your inbox to Salesforce, no matter what platform you’re using.

Email Sync

Automatically keep track of who you’ve met with and when. Events sync between Salesforce and your calendar, so you only have to keep up with one. We also relate events to attendees' records in Salesforce, giving you a detailed record of meetings and who they're related to.

Calendar Sync

You can create and edit cases, contacts, events, leads, opportunities, tasks, and custom objects all from your inbox. No more back and forth. Goodbye copy and pasting!

Create and Edit Records

Inbox Apps for Cirrus Insight allows you to bring your favorite Salesforce AppExchange apps right into the inbox including Salesforce Chatter, TaskRay, Geopointe, Taskfeed and more. We also support your Salesforce customizations, including custom objects and fields.

Productivity Tools

See when, where, and on what device your emails are being read and their level of engagement. Test which emails see better conversions, make necessary adjustments, and see your productivity skyrocket!

Email Tracking

You can book a meeting with a single email. Select the times you're available, then the recipient can pick the time that’s best for them. The meeting will be added to both your calendars.

Book Meetings

Send up to 500 unique emails at a time from Gmail with Email Campaigns. With deep Salesforce integration, you can send out templated, personalized messages to a list of leads or contacts from your inbox.

Email Campaigns

. Quickly set follow-up reminders so nothing falls through the cracks. Reminders also go into Salesforce as tasks, so you’ll have a record of the follow-up.

Follow Up Reminders

Customer Success

When you buy Cirrus Insight, you get the best application in its class backed by the best team in the business.

With over a dozen Certified Salesforce Administrators and a team of expert Customer Success Managers, we're here to make sure you win on Day 1 and every day after that.

Security & Trust

We built Cirrus Insight to respect and protect your data. We utilize OAuth 2.0 authentication with Salesforce, Office 365, and Google for Work.

We use SSL for secure transmission of data between platforms. And we do regular third-party security audits.

About Our Partner


GaugeLabs Ltd is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We develop business applications (Apps) for small, medium and large enterprises. The company was founded in 2012 and serves fast-growing organizations by helping them gain better insights into their processes through Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools.

GaugeLabs recommends Cirrus Insight to its clients for best-in-class integration of Salesforce with your inbox.

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