Senior UI Engineer

Cirrus Insight is a high-growth SaaS company and one of the most recognized brands in the Salesforce ecosystem.  We’re looking for engineers who want to work on challenging projects with the freedom to grow professionally and maintain a healthy work/life balance.  If you’re interested in working with Vue.js, Vuex, and Nuxt.js dev tools, you will be exposed to a fast paced work environment with the opportunity to build core front-end componentry and features for the Cirrus Insight platform.  Our culture is focused on customer success, employee growth, and equity for all our stakeholders. Everyone at Cirrus Insight has the same benefits plan which includes cash equity awards, 4 weeks vacation, 100% healthcare coverage for individuals, 4% 401k match as well as many other programs offered by our People Ops team.

The position we are currently filling is that of Senior UI Engineer to work as part of the Engineering team. This role will focus on the development of javascript applications using Vue.js / Nuxt.js based architectures supporting a suite of products that span multiple front-end access points and devices; Chrome, Chromium, browser-based web app, iOS and Android. As part of the Engineering team, you will work with our Product team to add features and functionality and work with our Customer Success team to address defects and perform customizations required to win new accounts. The ideal candidate is a passionate developer who is excited to use their skill set to solve customer problems in a way that contributes to Cirrus Insight's strategic objectives.  



  • Work on critical projects which have revenue and/or customer deliverables attached to them

  • Design and develop proof of concept prototypes for advanced features and designs

  • Switch gears easily and as necessary to keep up with the pace of the business 

  • Coordinate with other engineers to enable accurate planning and project timelines 

  • Participate in product architecture and solution design with other engineers on the team 

  • Communicate clearly to understand project requirements and seek clarification when necessary 

  • Coordinate with QA team to ensure projects meet required specifications 

  • Participate in Agile development through planning sessions, stand-ups, demos and retrospectives


  • 4+ years experience with Vue.js 2.0 or higher

  • Experience using Vuex for state management

  • Experience with Nuxt.js web framework for quick application bootstrapping

  • Experience with Typescript and Class-Style Vue components

  • Experience using Axios to consume web-based APIs such as REST

  • Understanding of the HTML DOM and underlying event model

  • Experience with frontend unit/E2E testing using frameworks such as Jest

  • Experience with C# WebAPIs and .NET Core is a bonus

  • A strong understanding of approaches and techniques to optimize web performance

  • Understand user experience (UX) and Figma prototypes.

  • Exposure to Cloud (Azure, AWS)

  • Extensive experience in an agile development environment.