What can cause my viewers location to be inaccurate?


In the viewers location map, Attach shows the message:
"This location is calculated from the visitors IP Address and may be inaccurate".

Why is this?

The location of a viewer is based on the IP address of the person opening it. There are a handful of reasons that the location might seem strange, primarily related to the nature of IP addresses.

For instance, if you send an email to someone in Florida and it's opened in New York, it might be that:

  • The person is temporarily in New York
  • The person has forwarded the email to someone in New York
  • The person is using technology that changes their IP address to a different location (VPN, dial up internet, internet proxy)
  • Their internet provider makes the request look like it's from New York even though it's from Florida
  • The information we use to show the location might be incorrect (we use a public library of IP addresses, however IP addresses and the geographic information associated with them are constantly changing).

Even though the visitor location map is usually accurate, we recommend you use the information as an extra insight, but don't take it as gospel.

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