Attach (Document Tracking)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When you upload your documents into Attach, it turns them into a web-based format that can be accessed from any browser. It generates unique, trackable links to share with your contacts. When they click on the link, Attach captures their interactions and report it back to you. It can even collect the details (name, email, company) of your contacts colleagues who also look at your document.

  • What files can I upload?

    Allowed file types include: PDF, Powerpoint (PPT, PPTX), Word (DOC, DOCX), Keynote, and Pages.

  • What do all the engagement analytics mean?

    When your documents are opened and reviewed, Attach gives you analytics on their viewing engagement and behavior. Here's what it all means:

  • How can I upload a new version of my document?

    You can upload new versions of your existing documents. All your existing links will point to the new version.

  • How to create new links

    When you create links in Attach, you might have noticed there are 2 different ways to set it up. Here’s when you should use each of them:

  • What are the Security and Control Features?

    Our advanced security features allow you to stay in control of your documents – even after you’ve sent them. When you send your documents with Attach you can:

  • Can I send one link to multiple people with Mail Merge?

    Attach supports the pre-population of data into the 'Information Required' form that will be displayed to unidentified visitors to your document, by appending a query string to your attach link.

    This will automatically add the recipient’s details to Attach and save you the hassle of creating a unique link for each individual.

  • How to preview your document

    Sometimes you'd like to preview your uploaded document before sending it.

  • How to Send Your First Document [Video Tour]

    Step 1: Upload your document
    Step 2: Create unique trackable & share them
    Step 3: Track their engagement

  • What Can I Use Attach For?

    If you send outbound emails to prospects, you probably track open rates, and maybe even click rates. But once they leave that email, you don’t know what they do. Including an Attach link with a quick overview or case study that might interest them allows you to track any engagement. This works great in combination with an outbound email tool.

  • How to Setup Your Account

    Attach is a powerful tool, especially when you’re properly setup to get the most out of it.

  • How to Setup Your Team

    Connecting your account to the rest of your team is the easiest way to keep your documents in sync, and get an overview of how your team is engaging with clients. This article will cover how to setup and control a team.

  • The Best Way to Share Links In Emails

    When you create a new link in Attach, there are a few ways to share them.

    In emails, we suggest mentioning that you are sharing a 'secure link' with them. Attach is more secure than sending a normal email attachment, and it should give your recipient that impression.

  • Team Dashboard

    If your team is using Attach, as a team Admin you can now get a better overview of all communication and engagement with your customers.

  • Sharing Folders and Files With Your Team

    Once you've setup your team and invited your colleagues, Team Admin's can share documents with your team.

  • Salesforce Integration Guide

    Attach provides a way of integrating with Salesforce to allow you to map Attach document visits back into your CRM system.

  • Can I use Attach to see who engages with my LinkedIn InMails?

    With Attach, you share your documents with unique trackable links.

    Including these links in your LinkedIn InMails gives you a new way to see who is engaging with your messages. If someone receives your InMail and clicks on the link to your document, Attach tells you who clicks on it, what pages they read and for how long (amongst other things).

  • Can I include video in my documents?

    Sometimes you want to show a video or audio clip within your documents.

  • What can cause my viewers location to be inaccurate?

    The location of a viewer is based on the IP address of the person opening it. There are a handful of reasons that the location might seem strange, primarily related to the nature of IP addresses.

  • Does Attach have an API?

    Yes, we do have an API. If you are interested please contact us on and include the information below in your message:

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