• Frequently Asked Questions

    When you upload your documents into Attach, it turns them into a web-based format that can be accessed from any browser. It generates unique, trackable links to share with your contacts. When they click on the link, Attach captures their interactions and report it back to you. It can even collect the details (name, email, company) of your contacts colleagues who also look at your document.

  • How to Setup Your Account

    Attach is a powerful tool, especially when you’re properly setup to get the most out of it.

  • How to Setup Your Team

    Connecting your account to the rest of your team is the easiest way to keep your documents in sync, and get an overview of how your team is engaging with clients. This article will cover how to setup and control a team.

  • Team Dashboard

    If your team is using Attach, as a team Admin you can now get a better overview of all communication and engagement with your customers.

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