Does Attach have an API?

Yes, we do have an API. If you are interested please contact us on and include the information below in your message:

  • How many users would you like to have access to Attach on your team (e.g. user seats) ?
  • How many documents will you upload per month to Attach through the API?
  • How many links will you create per month through the API?
  • How many views will all links have per month?

Related Articles

  • How can I add a personalized link to an email template?

    If you use both Cirrus Insight and, you can add a personalized Attach link to the email templates you edit/create using Cirrus Insight.

  • How do I reprocess a document that gets stuck processing?

    If you've uploaded a document to Attach that seems to get stuck processing or errors out after a few minutes, please select "Reprocess" in the drop down menu and that will force the document to complete processing.

  • Sub-teams

    Sub-folders and teams in Attach are designed to help you better manage and share your collateral across your company.

  • Favorite Documents

    On the Documents page, click the 'star' next to the document name to add it as a favorite.

  • Custom Domain

    Instead of using as the url to your links, you can share links from your own domain.

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