Frequently Asked Questions

What is Attach?

Attach gives you transparency and control on documents you send: it tells you what happens to them, and lets you stay in control – even after you’ve sent them.

Can you give me an example?

You’re a sales rep and you send out proposals and presentations to your potential clients. When you use Attach you can see when they open it, what they look at, and who else they send it to. Now you know who to follow up with and when, what to talk about, and who else is likely to be involved.

How does it work?

When you upload your documents into Attach, it turns them into a web-based format that can be accessed from any browser. It generates unique, trackable links to share with your contacts. When they click on the link, Attach captures their interactions and report it back to you. It can even collect the details (name, email, company) of your contacts colleagues who also look at your document.

What file formats can I upload to Attach?

Attach accepts PDF, Powerpoint (.ppt, .pptx) and Word (.doc, .docx) . If you’re working with another file format, simply export it to PDF first before uploading it to Attach.

How large can my files be?

You can upload files up to 100mb.

Does Attach support presentation animations?

Not currently, but you should find this no different to sending out a normal PDF, which doesn't support animations either.

What viewer activity does Attach track?

  • When your document is opened
  • Who opens your document
  • How long they look at each page
  • How they progress through the document (forward, backward, inactive)
  • When they close the document
  • Where the person is located (down to the city)
  • What device they opened it on (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • How many people open your document

How do you calculate how much time a visitor spends in my document?

We only track them as actively viewing your document when they have the browser window open and active. This means if they switch to another window they will show up as ‘inactive’ in the timeline. We also track the amount of time they are inactive before they return or close the document.

I can't access the Attach app?

Attach uses advanced technology under the hood that older browser aren't able to keep up with.

If you try to access but instead see this screen:

Browser Update your Browser

You have been redirected to a browser update page as your browser is out-of-date. Please download one of the suggested up-to-date browsers and log back in to Attach from that.

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