Can I use Attach to see who engages with my LinkedIn InMails?

With Attach, you share your documents with unique trackable links.

Including these links in your LinkedIn InMails gives you a new way to see who is engaging with your messages.
If someone receives your InMail and clicks on the link to your document, Attach tells you who clicks on it, what pages they read and for how long (amongst other things).


For ideal workflow, the Attach Chrome Extension lets you quickly generate unique trackable links without leaving LinkedIn.

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  • How can I add a personalized link to an email template?

    If you use both Cirrus Insight and, you can add a personalized Attach link to the email templates you edit/create using Cirrus Insight.

  • Base CRM Integration

    Attach provides a way of integrating with Base CRM to allow you to map Attach document visits back into your CRM system.

  • How do I reprocess a document that gets stuck processing?

    If you've uploaded a document to Attach that seems to get stuck processing or errors out after a few minutes, please select "Reprocess" in the drop down menu and that will force the document to complete processing.

  • Sub-teams

    Sub-folders and teams in Attach are designed to help you better manage and share your collateral across your company.

  • Favorite Documents

    On the Documents page, click the 'star' next to the document name to add it as a favorite.

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