How to create new links

[box type="shadow"]Note: You can create multiple (unlimited) links to the same document.[/box]

When you create links in Attach, you might have noticed there are 2 different ways to set it up. Here’s when you should use each of them:

An individual Link:

Select this option when you’re sending it to a single contact. For example, you just had a meeting with 1 person at a company and you’re emailing follow up information to them.


How does it work? The first person that opens this link will not be asked to identify themselves as you have already pre-identified them. The second viewer and onwards will be asked for their email address to identify who is accessing the document as it’s forwarded around.

A Custom Link

Here you can choose exactly how you want this link to perform including what additional information you ask (name, email, company or telephone), or whether you want to ask for any information at all.


Sometimes you want to send your document to a group, but you’re more concerned with their level of engagement rather than identifying exactly who is engaged. In this case, send a Custom link that doesn’t ask for any information. You can still see how many people access your document and track their viewing behavior, but they will be identified as ‘anonymous visitor’.

Please note that Recipient Name needs to be an email and Company is mandatory for the visit to show up in the Dashboards.

In all situations above where you’ve asked for visitor info, the lead capture form will look like this (with additional fields if selected):


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