What do all the engagement analytics mean?

When your documents are opened and reviewed, Attach gives you analytics on their viewing engagement and behavior. Here's what it all means:

Viewer Engagement

  • Time on page graph: How long they spent in total viewing each page. We only track them as actively viewing the page when they have the window open and active. This means if they switch to another tab, another window, or another application, that Attach pauses the stats. We only track engagement when they are actually engaged.
  • Visits: Each time someone visits one of your documents, they are added as a new visit. So even if one person opens your document multiple times over the course of a few days, you can still track each visit and their engagement.
  • Visit Timeline: While the top graph shows total time per page, the Timeline breaks down each visit and shows you their exact journey. This can bring about new insights by showing you if they jump back and forth between certain pages, visit one page multiple times, or switch between your document and another window (shown as 'inactive').
  • Events: If you have any links in your document, Attach will tell you if they clicked on it and when. Events also show you what device they were using.
  • Location: Based on their IP Address, Attach gives you a rough guide to where the viewer was when they accessed your document. Most of the time this is accurate, but in some cases IP Addresses can register in different locations which can give you a different result.

Document Performance

  • Visits per day graph: Shows you how many visitors the document has had per day.
  • Top pages: These 4 pages have the highest engagement duration across all viewers.
  • Average time per page graph: The average time spent reading each page across all views.
  • Dropoff graph: What percentage of visitors that reached each page.
  • Document Link Performance: If your document has links in it, this shows the total clicks and click-through rate for those links.

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