How can I add attachments to Email Messages in Salesforce Lightning?


In order to add your emails to Salesforce as Email Messages, your Cirrus Insight Admin will first need to follow the steps in For Admins: How can I add emails to Salesforce Lightning as Email Messages?


Once this has been completed, saving attachments along with your emails is as easy as checking a box. If you're new to Cirrus Insight, you'll want to first review the article, How do I add an email to Salesforce?. After that, just follow these steps:

1. From the Add to Salesforce window, check the box beside the file(s) you want to upload in the File Attachments section. Then click Save.

2. You'll find your file in the Attachments section of the Email Message in Salesforce (uploads can take a couple minutes depending on the file size).


Currently, attachments can only be related to the Email Message, itself, and not to other objects the email is related to (such as an Opportunity, Case, etc.).

| Reviewed Oct. 2019

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