Flight Plans: Measuring Success Guide

How to Track Your Success with Flight Plans

We want to share with you how to properly measure the success of your Flight Plan. Not only will it be valuable to gauge your ROI on specific campaigns, you’ll also be able to see what actions lead to higher team productivity and customer engagement.

We’ve broken this down into 3 easy sections:

1) Setup

2) Tracking Metrics and Success of a Flight Plan

3) Team Performance


A successful Flight Plan needs a good runway. In this section, we’ll show you how to:

  1. Create a Salesforce Campaign

  2. Build a List View

  3. Build your Flight

  4. Plan Outcomes

Create a Salesforce Campaign

To start, we’ll need to make sure your leads/contacts are in Salesforce and added to a Campaign. This will be used later for tracking Closed Opportunities.

In Salesforce, go to Campaigns and create a new Campaign for your event or list. (You’ll need Marketing Permissions in Salesforce to create a campaign. Speak with your Admin, or see how to enable here.)

Be sure to make a simple yet descriptive name, (i.e. “April Convention Leads 2017”), as we’ll copy this name when we go to Gmail.

Flight Plans: Measuring Success Guide

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