For Admins: How do I change organization settings for the Add to Salesforce or Email Sync to Salesforce features?

Admins have the ability to set Add to Salesforce preferences at the Org level.  There are two options; one for the Starter plan and another for the Closer plan.

Starter Plan option: Automatic Logging - Automatically syncs outbound emails from gmail to contacts or leads in Salesforce for your organization.

Closer Plan option: Email Sync - Automatically syncs inbound and outbound emails to and from leads and contacts based on preferences setup by the admin.

The steps required to set up these features are detailed below.

Starter Plan: Auto Logging

1. Go to the Account Dashboard -

2. Select Settings from the top menu.

3. Choose Organization Settings from the Settings dropdown menu.


4. Select Automatic Logging from the menu on the left. 

5. Check the box next to Automatic Logging to allow your users the option of using the Automatic Logging feature. Once checked, individual users will be required to turn on automatic logging from the side panel in Cirrus Insight should they wish to utilize the feature. Without this checked, your users WILL NOT have the option of using Automatic Logging.

6. If you’ve checked Automatic Logging, you have the option to also check Force Auto Logging. Doing so will remove the option for individual users to opt into the logging of their emails. It will happen automatically for everyone in your org, and the user will not get to choose.


Closer Plan: Email Sync

1. From Organization Settings, select Email Sync from the menu on the left. 

2. To enable, select the checkbox next to Email Sync.

3. Click the Change Sync Options button.

4. The below Email Sync Setting options are checked (or enabled) by default. If your organization does not want individual users to have the ability to change settings, then follow the next steps to remove these permissions.


5. If you do not want to allow users to change their Email Sync settings, uncheck the box next to "Allow users to change their email sync settings."

6. Select one of the listed options:  A) "Sync emails to/from people that are Leads or Contacts in Salesforce", or B) "Only sync emails on threads users designate."

Note - Selecting the option to "Only sync emails on threads users designate" will gray out the preference in your individual user’s Cirrus Insight side panel. When a user manually logs an email, Cirrus Insight will log every email after that in the email thread.

7. If you do not want to allow users to determine which records to relate synced emails to, uncheck the box next to "Allow users to control the rule to determine which record to relate synced emails."

8. Create a rule by using the drop-down lists to determine how emails are related in Salesforce for all your users.

9. If your organization blocks specific domains, you can check box next to Do Not Sync from Blocked Domains and then input the domain names for those blocked sites.

10. Save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button at the bottom.


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