For Admins: How do I set the Preferred Call Method setting for Flight Plans users?

From the Cirrus Insight Dashboard, you can set a Preferred Call Method for Flight Plans users. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Cirrus Insight Dashboard. Select Settings and then Organization Settings. Choose Preferred Call Method from the left-side menu.

Or instead, you can navigate directly to

2. Click the Preferred Call Method dropdown menu and select one of the options (explained below):

  • Cirrus Insight Mobile: Receive a prompt in the Cirrus Insight Mobile app to complete the call.
  • Browser Default: Use the third-party dialer that you normally use from your browser.
  • Manual Call: Use your own phone.

To see these options in action, view the Flight Plans Academy video, How to Manage Action Items - Calls and Click to Call.

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