How do I refresh Cirrus Insight?

Cirrus Insight for Gmail

Refreshing Cirrus Insight brings in the most current data from Salesforce. This is especially useful if you or your Salesforce admin have recently added new fields/values to Salesforce.

To refresh Cirrus Insight, take these steps:

  1. Open Cirrus Insight Settings (wrench icon).
  2. Choose Account Information from the menu on the left. 
  3. Click the Refresh Cirrus Insight button.
How do I refresh Cirrus Insight?

You can quickly and easily refresh Cirrus Insight to reflect any recent Salesforce field changes or to reset Cirrus Insight's view of your Salesforce configuration.

Simply click on the Settings icon (the gear on the left side of the panel), choose the Account Info link at the top of the list of options, and then click the Refresh Cirrus Insight button.