For Admins: How can I tell if a user's sync process is running?

As a Cirrus Insight Admin, you can ensure your users are capturing valuable data in Salesforce by checking the status of their Email Sync and Calendar Sync. Or, if a user reports a potential issue with their sync process, you can easily troubleshoot. Just follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Current Users tab in the Cirrus Insight Dashboard.

2. Note the icons under Email Sync and Calendar Sync for the user in question.


3. Refer to the key below to determine the current state of the user's sync processes.


4. You can also hover over the icon to see more information.


5. If you don't see any yellow exclamation marks, you're all set!

If you notice an issue with a user's individual authorization, direct the user to follow the steps in this guide: 
Why was I notified about a problem with my Calendar or Email Sync?

To resolve a problem with the Admin-Managed Sync authorization, refer to this guide:
For Admins: How do I enable Admin-Managed Sync?

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