For Admins: Can I add new seats to a legacy license?

In March 2018, all Cirrus Insight Admins received email notifications that our plans and pricing were changing. Today, Cirrus Insight is more powerful than ever before with tons of time-saving features, and our updated plans better reflect the increased functionality.

All users that were already on a legacy plan before the switchover still have access to the same features and benefits of the new plans, and their pricing hasn't changed. 

That said, we can no longer add new seats to existing legacy licenses. New seats can always be added to our current plans, though, which you can review from the pricing page.

How can I tell if I have a legacy license?

Navigate to Current Users in the Cirrus Insight Dashboard. Click the Select a License dropdown for an overview of your licenses and their plans. After you select a license, you can also confirm the plan in the Plan field. Most legacy plans will have (Legacy) in the title. 


You can also confirm if your license is on legacy plan by attempting to add seats from Account Management. If you try to add seats to a legacy license, you'll receive an error.


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