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Salesforce Where You Work

You'll see instant Salesforce intelligence next to every email in your inbox. And you'll be able to create and update Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Tasks, and more (even custom objects) right from your inbox.

Automated Sales Campaigns with Flight Plans New!

Create powerful Flight Plans consisting of sequences of emails, calls, and follow-ups. You’ll have a plan of action personalized to each prospect. And your team can work efficiently since Flight Plans are 100% integrated into your Gmail inbox and Salesforce.

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Email Power Tools

With Cirrus Insight you get Send Later, Open Alerts, Reply Tracking, Follow-ups, Templates, and Mail Merge at your fingertips. And all of these activites sync into Salesforce so you can close more deals and close them faster.

Sync Anything (or Everything) to Salesforce

Click one button to sync your emails and calendar events to Salesforce; we'll automatically relate them to matching records. You can also relate them to any custom objects and even save email attachments into the Chatter feed.

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