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The only email + calendar integration for Experience Cloud.

Cirrus Insight easily imports customer data from any inbox into your Experience Cloud.

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Automate the collection of your team’s customer and partner activity data in Experience Cloud.

Cirrus Insight is always running in the background, allowing it to capture all of your team’s engagement and sales activity in Experience Cloud. Important data syncs in the cloud without trivial data entry. Cirrus Insight work well with multiple email accounts, making it ideal for Experience Cloud members who share a cloud but may not share the same email infrastructure.


Cirrus Insight offers the most trusted solution for

Email and calendar sync

Salesforce sidebar

Calendar scheduling

Email templates


Salesforce Sync

Experience Cloud users love it!

  • Plug & Play. No configuration or maintenance required.
  • Automatically sync everything: email, calendar, phone calls, tasks, events...
  • Update opportunities from the Cirrus Insight sidebar from your inbox. No errors, no duplicates.
  • Access to email templates, buyer signals, and more.

Plus, with Cirrus Insight you can do even more…

Scheduling calls and meetings can be a massive waste of time for teams - Cirrus Insight eliminates wasted opportunities by giving you a personalized calendar link to share with everyone. Plus, Cirrus Insight provides smart insights on your customer meeting data so you can easily measure performance and keep your pipeline healthy.
Works with:
Cirrus Insight makes it easier than ever to prioritize your team’s follow-ups and measure customer engagement. Customer engagement data contextually surfaces for your teams and provides visibility for community managers to create accurate KPI reports.

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