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Email Tracking

Email and Link Tracking tell you when customers and prospects open your emails and when they click hyperlinks inside the messages.  That way, you can tailor your follow-ups to individual customers and close more deals faster.

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Follow-up Reminders

Need to remember to follow up on a proposal, quote, or sales pitch?

All you have to do is click the “Follow-up” button before you send a message to set how you’d like to be reminded. You can set exactly when you want the reminder to arrive, and you can even add notes and set it based on whether you get a response or not!

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Email Templates and Campaigns

Not sure what to say next? Access your Email Templates in your inbox to make the follow up process as painless as possible. Personalized emails work better. Email Campaigns allow you to send up to 500 unique emails at a time from your inbox using Salesforce templates, or by creating your own template with merge tags right from Gmail or Outlook.

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Share Your Calendar and Easily Book Meetings

Scheduling a meeting should be simple. With Cirrus Insight, you can book a meeting with a single email. Either share times or your calendar directly with prospects.

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Send Later

Thanks to Send Later, you no longer have to be around your computer to send emails when that golden time arrives. You can write emails and schedule them to go out at the desired time. Working on emails at 10 p.m. at night, and have them send out at 8 a.m. the next day. Want to crank out some email responses on a Sunday afternoon and have them send early Monday morning? No problem.

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Add to Salesforce

Contacts, activities, and events—all entries you can edit and sync with Salesforce, from within your inbox.

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Edit Contacts & Leads

Work within your inbox by editing business contacts and leads—no need to log into Salesforce.

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Sync All of Your Emails to Salesforce

You thought saving emails to Salesforce from the inbox with one click was easy? We make it even simpler. With Email Sync, you’ll never have to manually add emails to Salesforce again.

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Get the Best of the AppExchange

If you want to use an app from the AppExchange, you want to use it where you’re working: the inbox. We’ve brought the best of the AppExchange into Cirrus Insight.

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Sync All of Your Calendar Events with Salesforce

With Calendar Sync, all your events are automatically synced between Salesforce and your Gmail or Outlook calendar. Change one and the other will match. Never again forget to save another event to Salesforce.

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Log Calls to Salesforce

Using Cirrus Insight, you can log a call to Salesforce, and relate it to the appropriate lead or contact without leaving your inbox or while on your mobile device.

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One-Click to Save Emails & Attachments to Salesforce

Manual data entry wastes time. You don’t adopt Salesforce when you feel like it’s a time-sink. Remove the tediousness by saving emails and attachments automatically or with a single click.

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Drip Campaigns for Salespeople

Create more time in your day by automatically triggering personalized emails and calendar reminders to nurture every important client relationship.

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Create New Records in Salesforce

Instantly create new Salesforce records from your inbox. Avoid logging into Salesforce whenever you need to add a new Lead, assign a Task, or update an Opportunity. We’ll even automatically read the email signature and pre-fill the Salesforce fields in Cirrus Insight to make it fast and easy to build your prospect pipeline.

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Instantly View All Customer Info from Salesforce

Instantly see the customer data you need in your inbox, including a complete activity history. No more searching Salesforce and switching back-and-forth as you work.

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Email Analytics

Like any great marketing tool, Flight Plans include reporting on important metrics including opens and click-through rates. Our proprietary outcomes algorithm helps tie sales activity to revenue.

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Mass emails do not work, which is why we make it easy to incorporate merge tags and other elements for personalization.

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Personal Scheduling Page

Empower prospects to pick a time that works best for them. Set the agenda with customizable fields for prospects to fill out prior. The page works the same as a website link, so you can share it through email, in your email signature, on web pages, on your social profiles or posts, or anywhere you want to reach prospects and customers.

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Understand Your Prospects Real Engagement

Know who opens your documents, what pages they read and who they forward it to so you can gauge their interest.

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Know Who’s Interested and Who’s Going Cold

Be smarter with your time, focus on prospects in your pipeline who engage with your content and nudge the ones who don’t.

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Intelligently Engage Your Prospects and Close Deals

Know when to reach out and what to talk about, so you can take the right action and keep your deals moving forward.

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Update and Take Back Documents, Even After You’ve Hit Send

Send the wrong file? Don’t worry, make changes or swap it with another one even after you’ve hit send. Password protect, set an expiry date or revoke access to make sure your documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Keep Your Team Aligned with a Centralized Content Hub

Align your sales & marketing department with a library of approved content, and make sure everyone shares the latest version. Analyze the effectiveness across your team, optimize your content and build winning sales decks.

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150,000 professionals use Cirrus Insight in Gmail or Outlook to track email opens, create personalized email templates, send email drip campaigns, set follow-up reminders, and schedule 3x more meetings with customers. Plus, Cirrus Insight has world-class Salesforce integration including email and calendar sync, and the ability to update Salesforce from your inbox – even custom fields and custom objects. We’re committed to delivering robust software with personal support. Give Cirrus Insight a try, and schedule a demo to get our insider tips for maximizing your inbox productivity.

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