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A New Way To Send Mass Emails Right From Your Inbox. 

Mail merging and requesting email campaigns from other teams to your customers and prospects is the old way. Email Blast gives customer-facing teams access to high-performing email templates and personalization using Salesforce fields. With Email Blast, you can improve your email engagement by 42%, the more people you are engaged with the better chance you have of surpassing your numbers.

Increase sales effectiveness and spend time on what matters with Email Blast. 


Get your day back! Sales professionals spend 21% of their day writing emails.


Only 9% of sales emails are opened. Increase your email engagement.


Personalized emails get 6X more transactions than non-personalized emails.


About 40% of sales go to the first responding vendor. Be first & increase your odds!

Personalized Mass Emails

Send emails directly from your email address rather than a 3rd party provider. Use Salesforce to personalize each email so your recipients will feel that personal touch.

Prospect Faster

Cirrus Insight is the only product where you can pull lists from Salesforce reports and then sync the emails back to Salesforce. Send hundreds of prospecting emails with just a click.

Convert Emails To Meetings

Setup custom meeting types, define the availability, and create personalized booking pages to include in a template.

Create messages once and use them over and over again without ever leaving your inbox. Let Cirrus Insight do the work, so you can focus on the results instead of repeatable tasks that can be automated. Access a library of templates so you can cut down on your response time.
Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%. With Email Bast, you will have direct access to Salesforce fields and templates to tailor your message directly to your customers.
Improve customer loyalty. It never ends at the sale. Create repeat customer nurture programs that keep your customers informed without re-creating the wheel.
Access a library of available Salesforce templates, preview them in the sidebar, and apply merge and variable tag fields to personalize your template.
Often communication with customers is a team effort. Advanced options with Email Blast offer the ability to send an email on behalf of a team member and be able to notify a team member that the email has been sent.
Paul Selway
"I use Cirrus Insight to manage email templates, small highly personalize emails flights, and ensure that all my sales and business development activity goals from my inbox to my Salesforce CRM. This allows me to easily capture inbound emails as Leads or Prospect Account Contacts. It also tracks who opens and clicks on links in my emails, so I can engage those client and prospects based on engagement levels. I can't imagine doing my role with without Cirrus Insight."
Paul Selway, President
Redpath Consulting Group

See who opens your emails and clicks your links with buyer signals.

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