Transform How Your Students Connect with
your Campus Tour Guides

Deliver the streamlined scheduling your students expect each step of their journey. Eliminate the back and forth faculty face when scheduling appointments with students.
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Cirrus Insight Helps Universities Save Time & Best Serve Their Students

Focus on Students, Not the Scheduling Process

Untangle Student Services

Forge a lasting connection that accompanies students throughout their academic journey. Tailored matching of the student with the right advisor eliminates scheduling complexities and enhances the student experience.

Deliver the UX Students Expect

Meet modern students' expectations with university-wide automated appointment scheduling for efficient service delivery. Ensure seamless access to support services, guaranteeing a consistent and smooth experience for students.

Free Up Staff & Faculty Time

Maximize Student Focus. Minimize Scheduling Time. Spend more time assisting students, less time managing your calendar.


Optimize your Admissions Cycle

Enhance recruitment efficiency, expedite student interviews, and provide an exceptional experience to qualified applicants during the interview process. By implementing Cirrus Insights’ scheduling software you are providing your prospective students the smooth user experience they expect, and making a positive first impression.

Scheduling Capabilities

Customize your booking page with your logo, a photo, bio, and contact information—everything your student needs to know.
Preselect days and times that are available for meetings. It’s perfect if you (or your team members) split your time in different office locations or focus on a variety of activities on different days.
With Cirrus Insight, you can designate a variety of meeting types, like “campus tour,” “financial aid walkthrough,” and “academic advising.” Replicate your most common meetings so you can spend more time on value-added activities and less time on repeating tasks.
Add pre-meeting questions to your calendar page to collect helpful information and make your meetings more productive. These qualifying questions help ensure you are focused on your student’s needs.
Ensure you always have an even distribution of student appointments across the entire pool of academic advisors, tour guides, financial advisors, etc.
Never have to reschedule by guaranteeing that your student’s and your staff’s availability overlap.
When students book, they automatically receive an invite as if a human has scheduled the meeting.
Head of Student Advisory Services
"Cirrus Insight streamlined how our students book meetings with advisors. That led to a 46% increase in advisor meetings since we moved to Cirrus Insight."
Head of Student Advisory Services

Keep all your data systems clean. Cirrus Insight integrates with your tech.

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