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Cirrus Insight offers all-inclusive inbox integration supporting all editions and Salesforce Clouds connecting Outlook and Gmail calendars, emails, and tasks to one or many instances of Salesforce. Built with all of the admin controls you need to record activity for native reporting.

* >100 users qualifies for a discounted price
Salesforce Sync
$10/mo billed annually
Capture all emails, calendar events, and tasks without the data entry, stored in Salesforce for better insights and reporting
Salesforce Sync plan includes:
Standard Sync for:
Email , Calendar, Task
Add Sync+ for $4
Custom Sync Frequency
Manage how often records should sync to and from Salesforce.
Custom Sync Window
Set a custom timeframe for syncing future calendar events.
Smartlink allows organizations to set linking of emails, events, and tasks to be synced to the most recently created or modified related objects such as an opportunity or case.
Sync to Custom Object
Record Types
Most Popular
$21/mo billed annually
Manage all of your relationships from your inbox with Salesforce Sidebar, Advanced Sync, and Calendar Scheduling
Includes Salesforce Sync+
Personal Scheduling Page
Most Popular
$29/mo billed annually
Experience all that Cirrus Insight has to offer to remove CRM friction and wasted opportunities
Includes Salesforce Sync+ and Pro
Email Templates
CC & List Send
Email Tracking
Link Tracking
Web Visitor Tracking
Scheduling API

* Historical Sync available. Inquire for details.

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Cirrus Insight features

Salesforce Sync
Salesforce Sync
Email Sync
Capture all emails without data entry from your inbox to Salesforce on any device.
Calendar Sync (one way or bi-directional)
Capture all calendar events without data entry from your inbox to Salesforce and from Salesforce to the inbox
Task Sync (one way or bi-directional)
Capture all tasks without data entry from your inbox
Historical Sync (additional fees apply)
Capture all emails without data entry from your inbox for a specific historical period of time. Inquire for details on this service..
Sync +
Additional 4$/user/mo on the Salesforce Sync Plan - Included in Pro & Expert.
Additional 4$/user/mo
Custom Sync Frequency
Set a custom frequency for how often data is sync'd between Salesforce and the inbox.
Custom Sync Window
Set a custom timeframe for syncing future calendar events.
Smart Link (Sync to related records)
Set sync emails, calendars, and tasks to automatically match to related records such as the most recently created opportunity or case.
Sync to Custom Objects
Sync to custom objects that are set up in your Salesforce org.
Sync to Record Types
Allow records to be sync'd using record types.
Sidebar for Outlook & Gmail
Manage Salesforce from your Outlook or Gmail Inbox.
Add & Edit Salesforce Records
Create or update contacts, leads, opportunities, tasks, events, cases, and more. Support for all Salesforce record types.
Add & Edit Standard or Custom Salesforce Objects.
Create or update any standard or custom object in your Salesforce org through Outlook or Gmail.
File Emails & Attachments
Select emails to file to one or multiple Salesforce records. Select and file attachments to Salesforce.
Search Salesforce
Search any record in Salesforce without leaving the inbox.
Manage Related Records
View, create and edit records related to contacts, accounts, leads, tasks, events, and more.
Activity History
An easy snapshot view of all activities related to a record.
Social Lookup
Access Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter profiles for contacts or accounts without leaving your inbox.
Manage your day with a worklist of events, tasks, opportunities, and more right from your inbox.
Signature Capture
Scan email signatures to auto-populate the creation of contacts or leads to remove data entry.
Meeting Conference Integration
Support for Microsoft Teams integration to auto-add teams meetings to any meeting created using the Cirrus Insight Calendar Scheduling.
Supports Gmail and Outlook Mobile
The Salesforce sidebar experience from the Gmail or Outlook mobile inbox.
Mobile Contact Management
Create and manage your contacts via the Cirrus Insight mobile application.
*Business Card Scanning
Only available on *mobile. Intelligently scan and create contacts by taking an image of a business card.
Calendar Scheduling
Buyer Signals
Prospecting Tools
Josh Bean
“Cirrus Insight allows us to optimize our sales collateral and have real-time visibility into content distribution. In the old days we’d have no idea which content was even being sent let alone viewed.”
Josh Bean, Product Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can you sync from my email and calendar?

Cirrus Insight syncs emails, email attachments, calendar events with invitees, and tasks to and from Salesforce.

How do I start using Cirrus Insight?
Can I use Sync only?
Do you support my edition of Salesforce?
Are professional services offered for implementation?
Can Cirrus Insight Sync to related Salesforce Records?
Does Cirrus Insight sync activities directly into Salesforce for standard and advanced reporting?
Is Cirrus Insight secure?