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Cirrus Insight provides a range of meeting automation features, designed to enhance your scheduling process. Leverage features like workflow groups, availability matching, and utilization logic to seamlessly connect leads, prospects, and customers with the right team member's.

$14/user/mo billed annually
Experience our suite of personalized scheduling automation tools that streamline meeting coordination and speed up sales cycles.
Scheduling Includes:
Personal Scheduling Page
Book Meeting
Team Scheduling
$24/user/mo billed annually
Harness our full arsenal of scheduling automation tools designed to drive more meetings with the right people.
Includes Scheduling AND:
*NEW Smart Scheduler
Automated Routing Engine
Website Integration
Skills & Availability Matching
Reporting & Analytics

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Monthly Cost Per User
Scheduling Automation
Personal Scheduling Pages
Tired of playing email ping pong to schedule the next meeting? Share your personal scheduling page for a scheduling experience users will love.
Custom Meeting Types
Create meeting types which map to your opportunity stages or customer journey. Enable rich data about pipeline health, sales velocity and overall bandwidth consumed by each individual at each step.
Advanced Availability Views
Want to customize your availability by day, location or timezone? Setup special calendar windows for any circumstance.
Web Conferencing Integration
If the meeting location is virtual, ensure your Zoom, Teams or Google Meet unique meeting link is automatically included in every meeting invite.
Book Meeting Insert
Want to create a stronger call-to-action in your emails? Insert specific meeting slots, beautifully designed to book the next meeting.
Salesforce Integration
Ensure all meeting and booking data is captured in Salesforce for pipeline health and velocity reporting.
Automated Invites
When customers book, they automatically receive an invite as if a human has scheduled the meeting.
Workflow Groups
Organize people and teams based on your customer acquisition, onboarding or retention journey.
Web Enabled Smart Forms
Present customers or schedulers with form data required to match them to resources based on any criteria such as size, skills or location.
Availability Matching
Never have to reschedule by ensuring your customer’s and your people’s availability overlap. Enable on-demand scheduling for great CX.
Utilization Logic
Ensure you always have an even distribution of bookings across the entire pool of people.
Custom Attributes
Fully customizable properties you can define to use with Smart Scheduler to get the perfect User match with customers.
Meeting Form Data
Collect information from your customers dynamically by meeting type at the time of booking so that you can be better prepared for every meeting.
Team Scheduling
2 or more people on your team need to meet with a customer? Share the combined availability and let the customer book seamlessly.
Scheduling API
Want to extend availability or scheduling to your customer portal, community or website? Leverage the scheduling API for custom scheduling needs. *Tip: Evaluate Smart Scheduler first. That’s why we built it!

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Patrick Armstrong
"Cirrus helps with setting meetings with prospects and connecting all our email conversations into our CRM (Salesforce). It's very helpful with those processes."
Patrick Armstrong , Success Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can you sync from my email and calendar?

Cirrus Insight syncs emails, email attachments, calendar events with invitees, and tasks to and from Salesforce.

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Is Cirrus Insight secure?
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