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Understand everything that’s happened between the company and the customer with Buyer Signals.

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Have total visibility on the life cycle of all your accounts.

Cirrus Insight automatically captures all customer touchpoints, tracks how your customers interact with your business, and surfaces the most valuable insights so you can take immediate action. Automatic tracking features let you know exactly who’s been reading your emails, clicking your links, visiting your website, and when.

Email Tracking

Know which emails your prospects are engaging with and know when to take the next step.

Link Tracking

Get notifications on which web links get clicks and learn how prospects engage with your content.

Web Visitor Tracking

Validate which prospects in your pipeline visit your site and the pages they read.


Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

Knowing when to follow up, what information prospects need, and which prospects to engage with shouldn’t be a guessing game.

Cirrus Insight frees you from guessing what to do next. We score every action your leads take so you can see the full stream of buyer activity. Cirrus Insight frees you to focus on your best opportunities.


Is your prospect interested?
Buyer Signals will tell you.

Every time a prospect in your pipeline takes action, Buyer Signals assigns points to their score so you can see who is interested and who isn’t.


Is your prospect warming up?
Buyer Signals trends will tell you.

Cirrus Insight surfaces signals to see the entire relationship over time. You are ready to take action when prospects reengage.


See who’s ready to engage.

Buyer Signals gives you a more complete picture of who is interested, who is moving through the pipeline, and who is ready to convert—as well as the campaigns that have the most impact on those conversions.

Suzanne Lutz
"Cirrus Insight has become an integral part of my team's prospecting and account management workflows. The ability to monitor email opens by time and location, clicks on links and search for specific emails (and their open behavior) has been a game changer. It has definitely led to more closed accounts since being implemented."
Suzanne Lutz, Associate Development Director
Center for Justice and Human Rights

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