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Cirrus Insight frees teams from trivial CRM Tasks.

No more busywork

Reclaim time for actions that have impact on KPI’s

Optimize Pipelines

Reduce wasted opportunities by executing the right activity with the right people

Close Deals

Better insights and context to surface and close high probability opportunities

Manage All of your Relationships from your Inbox (Not Salesforce)

Cirrus Insight lets you create, edit, and track your sales activities from your inbox. Stay focused on your goals with customer and prospect data at your fingertips. There’s no need to open Salesforce. Ever.

Your Sales Activity Data. Always Accurate. Always Up-To-Date.

Cirrus Insight is always running in the background, it captures all of your team’s engagement and sales activity in Salesforce. Everything syncs without trivial data entry.

Instantly Connect Leads to the Right Team Member's Calendar

Shorten your time to revenue by automatically scheduling web visitors with people that generate revenue outcomes.

Know What’s Happening in your Pipeline Right Now with Buyer Signals

Cirrus Insight tracks every client interaction—including email opens, link clicks, web visits, and activity history— so you always know your next step.

Optimize your Pipeline- Create Personalized Touch Points with Cadences- Emails, Phone Calls, and Follow Up Reminders

With Cirrus Insight, create a sequence of sales activities. Personalize and send email templates, schedule automated follow-ups and track measurable touchpoints to help you prospect smarter.

Mike Calhoun
“With this app, there’s no excuse for not keeping your communication with customers up to date in Salesforce. Everything you need is in Cirrus Insight so no more jumping back & forth trying to remember to include everything. Couldn’t be any simpler.”
Mike Calhoun, Director of Sales
Oval Fire Products

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