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See an increase in meetings, reliable buyer signals, and clean data in Salesforce with Cirrus Insight.
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Cirrus Insight frees your team from CRM friction and pipeline risk.

Cirrus Insight improves data in Salesforce with a sophisticated, yet accessible API that sync data from user’s inboxes to Salesforce custom fields. It’s secure and flexible to any Salesforce or Community Cloud instance. It’s easy to implement for enterprise accounts and impactful at every level of the organization.

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Cirrus Insight surfaces all of the customer data from Salesforce right from the teams inbox.

Salesforce Sync

Relate emails and events to Salesforce accounts and opportunities from data in team inboxes—freeing teams from CRM friction.

Calendar Scheduling

Meeting records are automatically logged in Salesforce allowing managers to have clear visibility on team’s accounts and productivity.

Buyer Signals

Cirrus Insight scores interactions with clients for email opens, attachment tracking, and web visits allowing teams to know which prospect is serious.


Sales Operations teams look for easy solutions with high impact.

Salesforce integrations from Cirrus Insight impact revenue forecasting abilities by offering a seamless import of customer data from team inboxes without manual data entry. This allows managers and C-level executives to have reliable reports and curate forecasts based on real data. Reduce risk to departments by having confidence in Salesforce data.
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Cirrus Insight offers a tool for advanced Account Executives teams.

Optimize your process with automation and deal insights with smart tools for smart teams. Buyer signals and sales cadences allow teams to act on real prospects with data on open rates, page views, and website views. Work Smarter with context from sales activity and customer engagement.

Build a High Performing Organization: Increase pipeline conversions and mitigate risk.

Predict and illuminate blind spots related to revenue performance during pipeline reviews with ample data in Salesforce. Analyze activity trends and KPIs to optimize pipeline performance when team activity and data are readily available.
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Courtney Roberts
" With Cirrus Insight, we can maintain a high level of operational efficiency that serves our clients with the best experience. We also have more data to understand how many times we are meeting with clients and making sure they are getting the attention they need so we can retain and build our client base."
Courtney Roberts, Chief Operations Officer
Barber Financial Group

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