Repurpose your most high-performing emails.

Stop wasting time composing individual messages to your prospects. Access, send, and reuse proven emails to fill your pipeline.

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Free yourself from email busy work so you can focus on the results.

Send a personalized email every time. Your templates can be linked to Salesforce fields so they automatically include names and other data.

Write your perfect email

Add personalization, and save it as a template in your Salesforce library.

Access your library of templates

Instead of writing a new email, find the right template, update it, and hit send.

Track the results

Did your prospect open the email, click on a link, or respond? Cirrus Insight will tell you.


Prospects receive messages tailored just for them.

Access a library of Salesforce templates, preview and edit them in the sidebar, and apply merge and variable tag fields to personalize your template.


More time on insights and less time developing the message.

Cirrus Insight’s Templates are integrated with Buyer Signals so you know when someone opens your email, clicks on a link, or visits your website.


Build relationships and increase customer loyalty.

With Cirrus Insight, you can create nurture programs that keep your customers informed without reinventing the wheel.

Phil Torres
“Love this app. I’m not a huge fan of Salesforce because of all the clicking to enter data into each field. I mainly work out of my email which is my lifeline day to day. This has made creating new accounts, contacts, filing emails and tracking new opps very easy.”
Phil Torres, National Account Manager
Convergence Communications

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