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Welcome to Cirrus Insight, here's everything you need to get set up!

This resource page has been carefully curated based on our support of over 100,000 users that have utilized Cirrus Insight over the last 10 years.


Getting Started with Cirrus Insight

The quick way to create a user and start increasing conversion rates.

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Connect Cirrus Insight

Follow the steps to connect your Salesforce and Email accounts with Cirrus Insight.

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Setup Email Sync

Set up rules, filters, and enhancements to customize which emails should be synced. 

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Setup Calendar Sync

Keep events in sync between Salesforce and your email calendar.

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Setup Smart Scheduler

In-depth overview of Smart Scheduler with a step-by-step guide to creating your first smart schedule.


How to use the Sidebar

Learn how to complete common Salesforce actions directly from the inbox.

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Overview Demo

Watch a recorded live overview demo of Cirrus Insight for Gmail or Outlook. 

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Tutorial Videos

Access a library of tutorial videos on how to configure sync, how to setup calendar scheduling, and more. 


Mobile Walkthrough Videos

Access walkthrough videos on how to use Cirrus Insight on mobile for both Gmail and Outlook. 

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Calendar Scheduling FAQs

Book more meetings by setting up personal scheduling pages with customized meeting types. 


Customer Training Videos

Explore and watch recordings of product-focused customer training events and webinars. 


Admin Overview Guide

This guide will help you navigate the Admin Dashboard to set up your organization for success.

* The Admin space is NOT available during a Free Trial

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