Cirrus Insight completely eliminates CRM friction from your day.

With the power of Cirrus Insight in your inbox, you’ll increase your sales conversions, hit your KPIs, and get the recognition you deserve as a peak performer. Try it now and see the difference it can make.
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Cirrus Insight frees you from trivial CRM tasks and wasted opportunities

Cirrus Insight removes unnecessary administrative tasks so you can uncover your best opportunities. You can identify the hottest leads and make communicating with prospects predictable and easy, so you can focus on the right opportunities at the right time.

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Cirrus Insight surfaces all of your customer data from Salesforce right in your inbox- Get the power of Salesforce without leaving your inbox.


All your activities are automatically synced between your inbox and the record in Salesforce—freeing you to do more important work.

Sales Cadences

Free up more time in your day by using Cirrus Insight to automatically trigger personalized emails, calls, and calendar reminders to nurture your important customer relationships.


Automatic scheduling that helps eliminate the “what time works for you” back-and-forth and books more appointments into your calendar.

Buyer Signals

Each time your prospects opens an email, books an appointment, reads content or engages with you in some way, Cirrus Insight scores the interaction and let’s you know who is a good prospect and who isn’t.

Email Templates

Stop wasting time re-inventing the email wheel. Work with pre-written emails ready to send at specific points in the buyer journey.

Attachment Tracking

Know exactly when your customer opens an email attachment, what pages they read and who they forward it to—data that helps you follow up with your best prospects.


Free yourself from the “I’ve-got-to-add-it-to-Salesforce” hassle. Forever.

Entering data into Salesforce can be complicated, confusing, and time-consuming. And jumping from your inbox to your CRM just adds unneeded friction to your day. With Cirrus Insights, you can put a stop to CRM friction and spend your time doing the work you’re best at—connecting with your best prospects and hitting your numbers.
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The inbox integration tool sales teams love.

Cirrus Insight works behind the scenes to automatically sync your activity data to Salesforce without the need for excess data entry. Events, emails, and other activities are automatically added to records in Salesforce.
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Cirrus Insight completely eliminates CRM friction from your day.

It’s far more than a tool for productivity or simply syncing your inbox. Cirrus Insights also uncovers unseen opportunities, helps you identify the hottest leads, and makes communicating with prospects predictable and easy.
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Access Customer Data from your Inbox

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