Access Customer Data from your Inbox.

Cirrus Insight frees Customer service teams to spend more time on meaningful customer interactions without CRM friction.

Cirrus Insight frees you from trivial CRM tasks and wasted opportunities

Cirrus Insight removes unnecessary administrative tasks so you can uncover your best opportunities. Make meaningful communications with customers easier, so you can focus on the right opportunities at the right time.

Salesforce Sidebar

Cirrus Insight surfaces all of your customer data from Salesforce right in your inbox- Get the power of Salesforce without leaving your inbox.


All your activities are automatically synced between your inbox and the record in Salesforce—freeing you to do more important work.

Sales Cadences

Work smarter with automated “drip” email campaigns so you never miss the opportunity to follow up with a prospect or customer.


Automatic scheduling that helps eliminate the “what time works for you” back-and-forth and books more appointments into your calendar.

Email Templates

Stop wasting time re-inventing the email wheel. Work with pre-written emails ready to send at specific points in the buyer journey.

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Reduce the time of “getting up to speed” or logging customer data in Salesforce

Customer Service Reps need a tool that works as hard as they do. Cirrus Insight files emails, calendar events, and tasks to Salesforce records. View and edit customer files from the inbox using the Sidebar and file emails to related customer records such as; cases, contacts, accounts, custom objects, and more.
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