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  • Simplify your Sales Stack: All-in-one with Cirrus Insight.
  • Access Salesforce® data in your Outlook & Gmail sidebar.
  • Automatically Sync your Calendar, Email, Tasks and Contacts.
  • Book meetings more efficiently with Team Scheduling.
  • Send personalized emails at scale.
  • See which prospects open and click your emails.
  • Identify high-probability opportunities
  • Get actionable insights from sales activity data.

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Cirrus Insight frees teams from CRM friction and wasted opportunities.

Salesforce Sidebar

Bring your customer and pipeline data to your email inbox.

Calendar Scheduling

Share your calendar, book more meetings, and automatically add them in Salesforce.

Salesforce Sync

Sync 100% of your meetings, tasks, and emails - no manual data entry.


Collect sales activity and turn it into actionable insights to increase sales.

Attachment Tracking

Know what happens to your attachments after you hit send.

Buyer Signals

See who opens your emails, link clicks and which web pages they visit for timely, focused follow up.

Sales Cadence

Multi-touch outreach with a sequence of emails, phone calls, and follow ups.

Email Blast

Communicate with prospects and customers at scale.

Stephanie-Rae Higa
“Cirrus Insight helps my team keep track of customer emails pertaining to a specific account, which allows us to better serve our customers. My favorite feature is the ability to see who opened my emails and the number of times they did before responding. We LOVE cirrus insight.”
Stephanie-Rae Higa

See how to input data into Salesforce from your inbox.

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