Office 365 Perfectly Integrated with Salesforce

Boost Your Salesforce Adoption and Email Productivity with One App

Cirrus Insight for Office 365

Our Office 365 App is the Answer to Your Prayers

No one has to force you to use email. You want to use it because it enables you connect with customers. It’s easy and useful. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Salesforce. Either reps don’t use it at all or they spend all day on data entry. That is until Cirrus Insight for Office 365 came around.

Cirrus Insight brings all of the power of Salesforce into the inbox, so you can view customer Salesforce information, create new lead or contact records, save emails to Salesforce, sync Calendar events, update opportunities and cases, and more all from the inbox.

Regardless of whether you’re running on an Exchange or Office 365 backend, you’ll have access to all the Salesforce information you need right from Outlook.

Boost your email productivity. Make Salesforce easily accessible with Cirrus Insight for Office 365.