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Team Scheduling

Share combined team availability with one link and eliminate back-and-forth emails with Cirrus Insight.

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Book More, Sell More

Team Scheduling synchronizes your entire team’s availability to one shareable link – improving meeting productivity while reducing scheduling complexity.

Simply add your team’s schedule to your email and let your customers choose what time works best.

Pre-Meeting Productivity Tools

Add custom and required pre-booking questionnaires to better understand the needs of your customers prior to their scheduled meeting.

One-Click Mutual Availability

Share your team’s combined availability with a single calendar link and display available meeting times directly to your email.

Salesforce Integration

Sync all meeting records, customer contact information, and more directly with Salesforce – no more manual data entry.

Improve your Customers Experience

Cirrus Insight's new team scheduling feature can have an immediate impact.


More than a Calendar Tool

Unlike other scheduling tools, Team Scheduling is just the tip of the iceberg for Cirrus Insight. Revolutionize your entire sales process with our premium all-in-one solution.

Greater Sales Velocity

The Buyer Signals feature automatically captures customer touchpoints, tracks client interactions, and uncovers valuable insights in order to identify which prospects are ready to buy. Using the feature’s automated tracking tools, you can even see who has read your emails, clicked your links, and opened your attachments.

Lower CRM Friction

Automatically capture and transfer all email, calendar, and sales activity directly to Salesforce with the Sync feature. By seamlessly importing all relevant data from your sales platform, your team will never need to open their CRM again – say goodbye to manual data entry.

Stronger Prospecting

Use the Sales Cadence feature to nurture your customer relationships through automated emails, calls, and calendar sequences – personalizable for every customer. With access to metrics like email opens and click-through rates, you can continually improve your sequences and maximize their effectiveness.

Better Forecasting

By capturing, importing, and storing all sales actively directly into Salesforce, Cirrus Insight provides managers with direct access to the data they need without unnecessary CRM friction. With more complete data, you can generate more relevant reports, produce more accurate forecasts, and make better long-term decisions – all leading to greater profits.

More Effective Campaigns

Expedite the sales process with personalized mass email campaigns using the Email Blast feature. Using high-performing templates and synchronized Salesforce contact fields, you can generate emails at scale in just a matter of seconds. Gone are the days of mail merging and campaign requests.

Phil Torres
“Love this app. I’m not a huge fan of Salesforce because of all the clicking to enter data into each field. I mainly work out of my email which is my lifeline day to day. This has made creating new accounts, contacts, filing emails and tracking new opps very easy.”
Phil Torres, National Account Manager
Convergence Communications

Cirrus Insight frees teams from CRM friction and wasted opportunities.

Salesforce Sidebar

Bring your customer and pipeline data to your email inbox.

Calendar Scheduling

Share your calendar, book more meetings, and automatically add them in Salesforce.

Salesforce Sync

Sync 100% of your meetings, tasks, and emails - no manual data entry.


Collect sales activity and turn it into actionable insights to increase sales.

Attachment Tracking

Know what happens to your attachments after you hit send.

Buyer Signals

See who opens your emails, link clicks and which web pages they visit for timely, focused follow up.

Sales Cadence

Multi-touch outreach with a sequence of emails, phone calls, and follow ups.

Email Blast

Communicate with prospects and customers at scale.

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