Integrate Salesforce
directly with your inbox

Eliminate the busy work.

Put an end to manual data entry by automating your sales routine. Cirrus Insight lets you add and edit records in Salesforce right from your Outlook inbox. Less busy work means more time to sell.

Additional Features:

  • Sync emails, calendars and tasks to Salesforce
  • Track prospects and opportunities from your inbox
  • Track email opens, link clicks, and website visits 
  • Send Custom Meeting Links
  • Multi-touch sales cadences 
  • Easy to use follow-up reminders
Works with:

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Cirrus Insight frees teams from CRM friction and wasted opportunities.

Salesforce Sidebar

Bring your customer and pipeline data to your email inbox.


Smart Scheduler

Intelligently route leads to the right team member's calendar using customizable workflow logic.

Salesforce Sync

Sync 100% of your meetings, tasks, and emails - no manual data entry.


Collect sales activity and turn it into actionable insights to increase sales.

Attachment Tracking

Know what happens to your attachments after you hit send.

Buyer Signals

See who opens your emails and clicks your links for timely, focused follow up.

Calendar Scheduling

Share your calendar, book more meetings, and automatically add them in Salesforce.

Email Blast

Communicate with prospects and customers at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using Cirrus Insight? Do I need to install the application on my computer? My mobile device?

If you use Gmail, you’ll install our extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser. If you use Outlook, you’ll install our plugin for Outlook. If you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you’ll download the app from the Apple or Android store to install on your device.

Do you provide training and support?
Do you support my version of Outlook?
Do you support my edition of Salesforce?
Is a Salesforce login required to use Cirrus Insight?
Is the Cirrus Insight platform secure?
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