One Medical Passport Creates a Better Customer Experience with Cirrus Insight

One Medical Passport is the industry leader in online pre-admission and perioperative workflow solutions. In fact, we invented the first web-based, patented pre-admission system in 2000, and approximately 2.5 million patients a year now use our system. Ease of use and continued innovation have made One Medical Passport the most widely adopted solution and the clear market leader—larger than all of its competitors combined.

  • Location: Willington, CT
  • Industry: Healthcare Technology
  • Products In Use: Sidebar, Sync
  • Cirrus Insight Evangelist: Patti McCreadie, Senior Account Manager
The Challenge

One Medical Passport Business Problem: 

One Medical Passport has been on Salesforce for 6+ years. As the company grows, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of customer data. The company services over 700 medical facilities and 20,000 doctors across the United States. This wide span customer base means that their Account Managers and Care Specialists are typical working in different locations. Keeping dispersed users connected to the Salesforce CRM with up-to-date and complete client data is critical to the business practice. Moving back and forth between email and Salesforce to enter, search and retrieve customer information was not an efficient use of time. The company is also using various email platforms and was in need of a way to bring everyone on to the same application resulting in in a uniformed method for data input. It was important to the organization as a whole to keep its users focused on high value tasks vs. having them spend time doing data entry.

The Evaluation: 

“We pretty much live out of Outlook. We were previously using LinkPoint, but our MAC users were not supported. We also have users on various email platforms namely Outlook and Gmail. We needed all of our users to be on the same application. Cirrus Insight supports all of our environments” - Patti McCreadie, Senior Account Manager

The previous application was not ideal in its ability to keep users in Outlook and Gmail. Patti explains, “our previous application would take our users outside of the inbox and into Salesforce anytime we were working with account information. Cirrus Insight has allowed us to stay in our inbox to interact with all customer information, this is much faster for our users and makes us more productive by being able to see everything at one glance.”

How One Medical Passport Wins the Data

Each Account Manager handles a large portfolio of customers, using Cirrus Insight,  Account Managers can easily and quickly see a snapshot of the customer right within their email inbox. With a customer snapshot from the inbox, users can effectively communicate with the customer about their specific state. In the eyes of the customer, this prevents misinformation and allows the Account Manager to be well informed when talking with the customer.

Hear from Patti on What She Likes Most About Cirrus Insight.


Routing Cases for a Better Customer Experience

At One Medical Passport when users add a new case, there are various solution teams set up in Salesforce to which cases can be appropriately assigned. Since Cirrus Insight supports custom fields, the ‘solution team’ custom field displays inside of the inbox Cirrus Insight sidebar allowing users to quickly assign cases to the appropriate team.  Now with the correct team being entered, Salesforce can then kick off a customer workflow ensuring they get the attention they need to the right people much faster. This creates a better experience and results in a much quicker resolution to solve the client’s problem.

Booking Meetings with Ease

One Medical Passport was familiar with tools that could display calendar availability and allow bookings, but the solutions were disconnected from their customer data in Salesforce and required users to employ yet another solution for customer interaction.

“Our company is all about keeping as much technology as possible under one roof. We can see all of our customer history and were able to consolidate our previously used meeting tool with Calendar Scheduling.- states McCreadie”

Patti McCreadie
“With Cirrus Insight, I can do more work faster and I can more easily distribute work within our departments and teams.”
Patti McCreadie, Senior Account Manager
One Medical Passport

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