Be free from CRM friction and wasted opportunities.

Reduce wasted opportunities by executing the right activity with the right people. From buyer signals to sales cadences, automated tools can help you close deals.

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Free teams from trivial CRM tasks and activities.

Constantly entering data, copying and pasting, and toggling between applications is cumbersome. Reclaim time for actions that provide value, not busy work.

Get more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks. 

Updating your CRM can be like a ball and chain shackling your time and adding drag to your sales process. Cirrus Insight gives you the freedom and time you need to master your sales process and engage with more customers. 

Work smarter with context to optimize your pipeline.

Without Cirrus Insight

Busy, traditional…

  • Updating activities in Salesforce is time-consuming.
  • Following up with prospects that are not ready to buy.
With Cirrus InsightStar icon

Smart, resourceful, innovative…

  • Automatically sync meaningful activity data into Salesforce.
  • Get data and insights that help you prioritize the right activities.
Without Cirrus Insight

Busy, traditional…

  • Chasing reps to update Salesforce.
  • Lack of visibility on sales activity KPI’s.
With Cirrus InsightStar icon

Smart, resourceful, innovative…

  • Forget unnecessary check-ins and empower your team.
  • Validate forecasts and reports with quality activity data.
Without Cirrus Insight

Busy, traditional…

  • Reactively checking off tasks.
  • Constantly manipulating data leaving little time for strategy.
With Cirrus InsightStar icon

Smart, resourceful, innovative…

  • Predict and illuminate blind spots related to revenue performance during pipeline reviews.
  • Foresee pipeline health and take action.
Without Cirrus Insight

Busy, traditional…

  • Teams and offices widely adopting technologies that are not widely adopted and expensive.
  • Pipeline risk from multiple entries in Salesforce without any clarity on true KPI.
With Cirrus InsightStar icon

Smart, resourceful, innovative…

  • Drive Salesforce adoption by Consolidating your team’s tech stack to reduce integration complexity.
  • Reduce business risk by eliminating missing gaps and reducing duplicate data.
Toby Frisk
"The plugin is a game-changer. It streamlines tasks, saving invaluable time by allowing all Salesforce functions directly within Outlook, eliminating the need to juggle between browser tabs. Hands down, it's the most efficient tool we have for Salesforce."
Toby Frisk, President & CEO
The Compliance Edge

Be a Performer: Increase your conversion rate with Sync.

Cirrus Insight monitors reps’ inbox and automatically syncs their emails to the right contact or lead in Salesforce. It also syncs meetings between their calendar and Salesforce so managers can see their meetings directly from Salesforce.
Works with:

Automate scheduling and have personalized booking pages.

Automate scheduling and let Cirrus Insight sync everything with Salesforce. Capture smart insights on your customer meeting data so you can keep your pipeline healthy.

A seamless Sidebar experience across all devices, for all users.

The sidebar and mobile interface ensures you’re no more than 1-click away from your next customer workflow. Whether it’s logging an email, task or call in Salesforce, managing your sync settings or sharing your calendar, we’re here to optimize your pipeline.

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