RMB Capital Bridges the Gap Between Salesforce and Email

RMB Capital uses sync automation to eliminate manual data entry and end the need to toggle between Salesforce and Outlook.

Mary Tagler
"Many of our users struggle with technology, so we wanted something simple and straightforward. Training on Cirrus Insight has been very quick. Most users were up and running immediately."
Mary Tagler, IT Systems Analyst

RMB Capital is an independent firm founded with the belief that there is a better way to serve clients. Unique to the industry, the firm offers a holistic approach, customized services, and innovative investment solutions. As the firm has grown, it has stayed true to its primary objectives of protecting and growing clients’ assets across a diverse set of market conditions.

  • Founded: 2005
  • Size: 180+ employees
  • Client Base: ~1,400 client relationships
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Industry: Financial
  • CRM: Salesforce (since 2012)
  • Cirrus Insight Lead: Mary Tagler
  • Products In Use: Sidebar, Sync
The Challenge

Before Cirrus Insight

Since 2012, RMB Capital used Salesforce as their primary CRM. After years off manual entry, the firm desperately needed a way to make data input easier for employees – ideally a way to sync Outlook and Salesforce together.

Users frequently communicate with their clients via email and therefore spend a significant amount of their day outside of Salesforce. For RMB, it was a no-brainer to seek a tool that would provide access to Salesforce from the email inbox.

Before joining the Cirrus Insight family, RMB Capital had two major challenges they needed to solve:

  1. Capture client email communication inside of Salesforce.
  2. Sync client-related calendar events and related information to the client records in Salesforce.


In the beginning of RMB’s journey for a solution, they chose to build their own custom tool. While their custom solution did help capture client communications and sync records from the Inbox to Salesforce, it was lacking in other areas. Additionally, as with many custom-built applications, RMB was also faced with having to maintain the application – requiring time and resources they did not have.

Challenges faced with a custom application:

  • Custom tool lacked essential features
  • Sync options created too much noise within the client conversations on Salesforce.
Mary Tagler
"We wanted a tool with a sidebar. We knew we'd be pushing people to use Outlook more than in the past and wanted to minimize flipping between applications"
Mary Tagler, RMB
The Solution

Cirrus Insight Bridges the Gap Between Salesforce and Outlook

RMB began its buying journey seeking an application that not only met its requirements, but also provided a broader set of features to its users from their inboxex. RMB chose Cirrus Insight because it provided the best user experience and had a simple and intuitive interface for all levels of users.

RMB also needed a tool that would provide sync flexibility for users – specifically one that would allow them to control and manage what information was being synced to Salesforce.

Mary Tagler
"Many of our users struggle with technology, so we wanted something simple and straightforward. Training on Cirrus Insight has been very quick. Most users were up and running immediately."
Mary Tagler, RMB
The Results

How RMB Changed

With the introduction of Cirrus Insight, RMB Capital's approach to sales has been all but overhauled. Truly changing the way they sell, Cirrus Insight was able to meet the needs of the independent firm, as well as take them to the next level.

Of the many improvements, the most notable are:

  • RMB Employees reduced their time spent toggling between Salesforce and Outlook.
  • Syncing of Salesforce records became easier to manage.
  • Cirrus Insight eliminated unnecessary CRM administration and clean up.
  • The easy-to-use Sidebar was intuitive enough for all levels of users to adapt to –  requiring minimal training.
  • RMB gained valuable, real-time insights through the ability to track email insights on opens, click-throughs and website visits. 

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