OpenTable Captures Critical Data Activity with Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight assists online restaurant-reservation service in increasing their data capture and sales velocity.

Salesforce Sync

Syncing over 100K in customer activity data to Salesforce

Email Blast

Launched over 400 of successful campaigns

Email Tracking

Open Table has tracked opens for over 30K in email correspondence.

Calendar Scheduling

Expedited the scheduling process for reps and customers

Salesforce Sidebar

Bring your customer and pipeline data to your email inbox

Kadesha Miller
“Cirrus Insight continues to increase the efficiencies of our salespeople, provide good insights with the Salesforce integration & a clean meeting scheduling tool.”
Kadesha Miller, Global Sales Operations Coordinator

OpenTable is an internet-based restaurant-reservation service that connects patrons with exemplary dining options. With a network of over 60 million restaurants worldwide, OpenTable seats more than 1 billion guests per year.

  • Founded: 1998
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Employees: 1450
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Segment: Reservation services


By partnering with Cirrus Insights, OpenTable:

Tracked hundreds of thousands of sales activities
Launched hundreds of successful campaigns
Launched hundreds of successful campaigns
The Challenge

Reduce redundancies to improve sales efficiency.

Before partnering with Cirrus Insight, OpenTable had issues far too common in their industry: sales activities were difficult to track, campaigns were hard to manage, and manual processes were slow and ineffective.

OpenTable found that campaigns required sending emails manually, which forced reps to add each and every contact. To make the process more agonizing, reps needed to BCC their Salesforce account to get the campaigns into the system. Redundancy has never been a friend to sales efficiency.

Further, OpenTable found sales activity was not only difficult to track, but that setting up meetings in general was also painstakingly tedious. Nothing was easy as it should be. Thankfully, the innovative reservation solution found Cirrus Insight.

Kadesha Miller
“If you are looking to ensure that you are capturing all of the customer data from your salespeople, get this tool! I would recommend it to any company, it’s the work tool you can’t live without once you have it.”
Kadesha Miller, OpenTable

Marquee features revolutionize the sales process.

When OpenTable found Cirrus Insight they were in awe of the extension’s capabilities and features. Designed to not only collect sales activity, but to also drive better sales leaders, the Salesforce add-on seemed to be a perfect fit.

Of their many uses, OpenTable identified the following features as key reasons for their ongoing success:


After setting up Cirrus Insight, OpenTable representatives were immediate witnesses to the power of the extension. A plug-and-play solution, the integration tool instantly began transferring sales activity data from reps’ emails and calendars directly to Salesforce.

Without even lifting a finger, OpenTable had more reliable data for reporting and analysis.

Putting an end to manual entry, Cirrus Insight gave OpenTable the ability to record and investigate their sales activity data without excess time or effort. In return for simply setting up Cirrus Insight, OpenTable also received valuable customer data that could be used to uncover new insights.



Sales Cadences

Along with bridging the gap between Salesforce, inboxes, and calendars, Cirrus Insight provided an innovative campaign solution.

Using the Sales Cadence feature, representatives were able to generate seamless campaigns that drove more sales from their prospects and clients. With customizable, pre-made templates, reps could implement sequences in just a matter of minutes – including personalized emails, call steps, and follow up reminders.

To further improve their campaigns, reps were also able to leverage Cirrus Insight’s ability to track email opens, link interactions, and attachment downloads.



Beyond data syncs and campaign support, Cirrus Insight provided OpenTable with the scheduling solution of their dream.

With the Scheduling feature, Cirrus Insight gave reps the ability to create personalized scheduling pages that reflect their availability. With custom URLs for every rep, users could now provide prospects and customers with a link directly to their calendar, allowing them to book appointments with ease. By giving their clients the ability to schedule meetings on their own, the redundancy of back-and-forth emails became all but extinct.



Kadesha Miller
“Cirrus Insight continues to increase the efficiencies of our salespeople, provide good insights with the Salesforce integration & a clean meeting scheduling tool.”
Kadesha Miller, OpenTable

Cirrus Insight enables unparalleled efficiency.

After introducing Cirrus Insight to their operation, OpenTable captured critical customer activity data while increasing their sales velocity. Made possible by features like Sync, Scheduling, and Sales Cadences, OpenTable saw dramatic changes after implementing the powerful integration solution.

Of their many improvements, OpenTable identified the following key results:

In-Depth Customer Insights

Leveraging Cirrus Insight’s Sales Cadence and Buyer Signals features, OpenTable tracked the activity of their clients in ways previously unimaginable.

In just one year, the team tracked over 30,000 email opens, as well as more than 75,000 miscellaneous sales activities. With these insights, OpenTable was able to prospect customers with greater confidence, tailor more personalized campaigns, and drive greater customer engagement.

Synchronized Data Activity

Like all sales-driven companies, redundancies pulled OpenTable reps from doing what they do best: sell.

By using Cirrus Insight, OpenTable freed their representatives from their long-standing CRM friction – literally putting an end to their manual data entry headaches. After installing the add-on, the reservation service recorded more than 100,000 meaningful data points from representatives’ inboxes and calendars.

With the saved time, reps were able to turn their focus towards sales – leading to more opportunities and higher revenue.

Increased Campaign Scope

Leveraging the Sales Cadence and Scheduling features, OpenTable increased the success and scope of their campaigns, stretching across emails, phone calls, and more.

With Cirrus Insight’s premade, personalized campaigns, OpenTable launched over 400 successful efforts. Because of their customizable nature, representatives were able to implement campaigns that specifically targeted certain clients and prospects, such as new users or specific demographics.

With the Scheduling feature, customers could now easily set up calls and meetings with representatives. By including a customer calendar URL in their campaign emails, reps could drive more meetings without the headache of back-and-forth communication.

As a whole, this increased campaign scope and improved scheduling efficiency drove more meeting conversions and product adoptions – leading to greater revenue.

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