How Cirrus Insight Helps PCBB Book More Prospect Engagements

Cirrus Insight has enabled PCBB users to work more efficiency by being able to keep them in the email application and Cirrus Insight sidebar for updating Salesforce records.

  • Headquarters: Walnut Creek, CA
  • Offices in: Southern CA, NC & MD
  • Industry: Finance - Banking
  • Products in Use:
    • Sidebar
    • Calendar Scheduling
    • Sync
    • Buyer Signals

About PCBB

Founded by community bankers in 1997, PCBB was created with the sole purpose of helping community based financial institutions become stronger. Our goal was to create an organization that could provide fellow bankers with high-quality, competitively-priced correspondent banking solutions and personalized service. Over the years that followed, the demand for additional products rose and bankers asked for assistance beyond just standard correspondent services. In 2002, PCBB Capital Markets was formed and we expanded our product offering to include additional fixed income, securities and other traditional broker dealer services.

Together, the companies provide a comprehensive set of products and services covering multiple areas important to community banks, including: correspondent and commercial banking, hedging, international, performance, regulatory and risk management and a variety of consulting services.

PCBB Business Problem:

PCBB has spent four years evaluating, trialing and even purchasing a number of tools to help them achieve the efficiency level that they were seeking for their sales team. The primary need was to collect as much relevant customer data as possible into Salesforce without users having to spend the time inputting the data. With so many of their users working outside of the office, high adoption of their Salesforce CRM was challenging, but use of email to communicate with customers high. To solve the two-fold problem of increasing use of Salesforce and capturing customer data, PCBB’s Salesforce Administrator Brandon Chadwell went searching for a solution that would help them open a doorway to Salesforce in a way that would also give sales users helpful information to aid them in their sales process.

The Evaluation:

The evaluation for a sales productivity and intelligence app began four years ago for Brandon. “When I first started, we didn’t have anything. I needed to increase efficiency and help sales reps get more stuff into Salesforce.” Say Chadwell.

In the initial search, PCBB found a product that “got the job done”, but it was lacking some of the  intelligent features that the sales teams needed to work smarter. Chadwell continued his search for a better solution that had all the options that they needed. In that evaluation, Chadwell trialed three other applications. Chadwell’s process was to trial the solution first on his own and then bring in a test base of users once he found the system to work for their needs. One of Chadwell’s key findings in his evaluation was that no one application was perfect and he needed to find a vendor that strived on their customer experience and would support him with prompt responses and resolutions when needed. Several of the solutions that were evaluated had long customer service response times, so much so that it would have decreased user efficiency levels if the system was not functioning properly. This lead him to continue the search which landed him at Cirrus Insight.

PCBB Wins With Data

PCBB now with Cirrus Insight has enabled their users to work more efficiently by being able to keep users in the email application and Cirrus Insight sidebar for updating Salesforce records.

With Sync - PCBB users no longer have to think about clicking a button to sync records to Salesforce or scheduling information to flow to and from the CRM. Sync automatically syncs data such as the user’s calendars, users no longer have to think about updating calendar information to Salesforce and managers and executive get the activity data they need without hounding their users to get it.

How Cirrus Insight Helped PCBB Rep Book More Prospect Engagements

PCBB reps are primarily in the field connecting one on one with their customers. Booking a full calendar of meetings with customers and prospects is a critical activity to generate revenue and retain customers. Email is the most commonly used method for communication and scheduling meetings at PCBB, so having email intelligence and insights in real-time is valuable to reps. PCBB reps use Buyer Signals to see email opens, link clicks and website engagement so that they can better connect and have more meaningful conversations with their customers. One PBCC rep needed to book more meetings to fill the calendar and the rep did so by sending out relevant emails requesting a meeting and was able to effective follow up with the opens and engagements from those prospecting emails. This led the PCBB rep to having seven schedule meetings vs. only two. That is a 250% increase in meeting activity just for one rep! PCBB reps now feel like they can really prospect instead of pestering the customers when they had no insights to work from.

The Icing on The Cake

Calendar Scheduling - PCBB is a driven off of customer engagements and one on one meetings. Calendar Scheduling offers the ability to send personalized meeting links that display free/available time so customers can easily book when its convenient for them. Additionally, they can pre-set meeting types enabling them to ask relevant pre-meeting questions so they can be better prepared to provide value to their customer. That’s Winning With Data!

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