Your Inbox Prefectly Integrated with Salesforce

Email Tracking, Calendar Sync, Templates and More

Cirrus Insight combines your inbox with Salesforce, so you can spend your time where it matters most. Handle your opportunities, customers, and sales right from your inbox. Relevant data is brought into the side panel, so you’re kept informed, and customer data is always accessible. Email tracking and other features accelerate your sales process.

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Save Time. Move Faster. Sell Smarter.

  • Works with Every Edition of Salesforce
  • Your Cirrus Insight subscription works with Gmail, Outlook 2010/13/16, Office 365, Android and iOS (View All Supported Systems)
  • Community, Portal and Platform Edition Pricing Available
  • Nonprofits are Eligible for 50% Off
  • Enterprise and Volume Pricing Also Available
  • Calendar Sync Only Subscription Also Available

Problems We Solve

  • Lack of Salesforce Adoption
  • Low Sales Rep Productivity
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Double Entry of Calendar Events
  • Saving Emails to Salesforce
  • Following Up with Sales Leads
  • Time to Respond to Customers
  • Scheduling Emails to Send Later
  • Use Salesforce Templates from the Inbox