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Get detailed analytics and custom dashboards in Salesforce

Get detailed analytics and custom dashboards in Salesforce

With Cirrus Insight Analytics in Salesforce, we’ll give you access to customizable reports that tell you who’s opened your emails, who’s clicked on the links you send, and much more. With Salesforce’s native reporting capabilities, you can create powerful management dashboards that tell you who is doing what and if it's working.

Included in our Salesforce integration.

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What You Can Do with Cirrus Insight Analytics:

  • Chatter integration for Cirrus Insight. Update your status, post to records, and download chatter files - all from your inbox!
  • Track, report, and build workflows based on the performance of your emails.
  • Create workflows and automatically assign tasks based on email engagement. Know which templates perform best, which emails have been opened, who's replied, and who's clicked on links.
  • Cirrus Insight leaderboards help maximize adoption and ROI.

How It Works:

Cirrus Analytics adds custom fields to the task object that allows Cirrus Insight to log email tracking intelligence to Salesforce.

Know which emails:

  • have been tracked,
  • if they have been opened,
  • how many times they've been opened,
  • when they were first and last opened,
  • if they have been replied to,
  • if links have been clicked,
  • how many times links have been clicked, and much more.

Best of all this is all reportable in Salesforce so that you can prioritize follow ups, report on the success of campaigns, improve your emails, and create automated workflows for your sales teams.

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